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Rock My Shoes

Shoes & Handbag Customisation Craft Workshops

This is a hen party workshop unlike any other.  It will delight and excite anyone who loves shoes, handbags or fashion.  It also ticks the boxes for creativity and trying something new.  The great thing about this shoe workshop is the ability to appeal to adults of all ages.  So let's say you have a hen party to organise and you want to find a hen activity which will to appeal to firstly the bride of course, but also her sisters, cousins, mum, aunties, grandma ... you get the picture!  And maybe you have younger members of the family too, say daughters and nieces.  This hen do can be enjoyed by anyone from age 15+.  High heels could be the first thought when you think of shoe decorating, and yes that is a very exciting thing to do for some high heel lovers!  But the beauty of this workshop is that it welcomes you with open arms to all styles of footwear, so you can bring along any of your flat shoes too, be them converse, sandals or flip flops, etc.  We have seen slippers, crocs, hockey boots and dance shoes all get the bling treatment!  As well as shoes, you can bring along other items too, so if you prefer the idea of making a crystal handbag, or even designing beautfiul crystal wine glasses, then bring them along!  The crystals are unlimited at every workshop to satisfy any hearty appetites for crystal and sparkle!