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Rock My Shoes

Shoes & Handbag Customisation Workshops

Craft Workshops

1.  Rock My Shoes (2-2.5 hrs or 4 hrs with fizz & a/tea)

High heels, flats, wedges, sandals, canvas, boots & flip-flops

A must for any shoe fantatics!  The Rock My Shoes Craft Workshops are suitable for all ages from 15 - 70 years with help on hand every step of the way. You and the girls are guaranteed a crystal embellished pair of shoes by the end of the workshop ready to wear or cherish for another day. With professional top tips and guidance every step of the way, you can add as many or as few crystals as you desire to suit your own taste and style. 

10,000 free crystals and pearls! You can embellish away to your heart's content. Create stars, hearts, curvy swirls, intricate designs, your initials, special dates, bold statements or just a few sprinkles here and there... enjoy a glass of sparkling fizz and sparkle up your heels ... this shoe workshop covers it all!

You can bring more than one pair and decide on the day which shoes you want to customise. If someone in your party group is not a shoe fan, that's okay too, they can bring another fashion accessory to suit them!

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2.  Rock My Bag (2-2.5 hrs or 4 hrs with fizz & a/tea)
Clutches, Shoulder Bags, Purses, Shoppers and Holdalls

We love sparkling up bags!  They are a blank canvas just waiting for magic to happen. We have lots of design ideas to jazz up any style of bag!  We will help and guide you every step of the way with how you want your bag to look!

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3.  Pimp My Pumps (2-2.5 hrs or 4 hrs with fizz & a/tea)

Rubber toe pumps, Converse, canvas high tops, sports boots or trainers

Fancy making bridal canvas shoes for your BIG DAY?  Or .... why not have your hens or birthday party blinging flat shoes for a night of dancing with no sore feet! The bride can add her new surname-to-be or the wedding date in sparkling crystals to converse or similar shoes, ticking all the boxes for glamour and comfort going hand in hand. Everyone's shoes can be customised individually and we have lots of designs to inspire you.  We know you will just love your gorgous crystal flat footwear.

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4.  Rock My Wellies (2-2.5 hrs or 4 hrs with fizz & a/tea)
Wellies /
Bikinis - Perfect for a Festival theme or glamping weekend

With the unpredictable weather of the UK you never know whether its Summer or Winter weather so why not bring wellies and a bikini! Then you are set for the rain and the sunshine! Whether you Rock The Look! after the craft workshop in sparkling wellies and a bikini that's up to how brave you are!  Bikini's can be brought too if you like.  The snow effect we can teach you using crystals and pearls looks amazing too on any colour of wellies. There are lots of designs to inspire you. Once your crystals  are completely dry after the workshop you will not damage them ... so you can dance in the rain, trudge through the mud and jump in the puddles!  If they get covered in mud, just rinse your wellies with a hose pipe and see them sparkle again!

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5.  Rock My T-Shirt (2 hours)
Bring a T-Shirt and create a slogan, say it with sparkle and crystals

Customise any style of plain t-shirt by adding crystal letters.  We will help you create a slogan or a name in any wording of your choice. Taught by experienced artists.  The t-shirts can only be hand-washed after crystals have been applied. You could even bring along a satin dressing gown for your bride-to-be!  Words need to be pre-advised before the workshop.

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We hope you found a craft workshop you would love to do!  Please take a look now at the party packages available and choose the right one for you.