Rock My Shoes


Nike trainers have various sections to the trainers which could be the focal point of adding crystal.  We will add crystals to whichever sections you prefer.  We can go through some ideas with you.

As shown on these trainers, we added crystals to the most popular section, the large Nike tick on the side of the trainers. 

crystal trainers


Vans canvas shoes are another popular style of footwear for brides to change into after the ceremony.  With these shoes we added the future bride-to-be's surname on one shoe and her wedding date on the other shoe.  Satin ribbons add an extra touch to complete the look.

personalised shoes


It's amazing how Adidas trainers look so good when you add crystal and pearl to the three stripes down each side of the shoes.  The white pearl and crystal mix added just the right amount of sparkle for this customer.

crystal adidas


We wanted to show you the difference between a bridal design and a colourful set of crystals on the three stripes of Adidas.  You can choose any colours you wish and make them truly unique to match your outfit.

crystal trainers


Again, with Veja trainers, there's plenty of interesting sections we could add crystals to and bring out those lines and curves!  But a simple personatlion of your future bride-to-be's name on the back of the shoe is also a nice discreet touch to shoes.  With their modern look, these could be worn after the wedding day and for a long time thereafter.
crystal trainers

Converse Hightops

We customised these hightops using lace and crystals giving the shoes a more dreamy bridal look, with ribbon ties to replace the laces.

wedding converse hightops


Would you like to go for flat trainer comfort over high heels or maybe have a second pair as a back up, or even your honeymoon!  Any style of flat canvas style trainer can be customised with a little extra sparkle.  The front rubber toes of Converse can be clear crystals, or a mix of crystal and pearl.  Hey, if you want, we could add metal spikes too, if you want a more rock chick look!
wedding shoes

Rock Chick

Plain trainers can be our plain canvas to work our magic!  We always have a shoe chat, get to know your personality, and then we can suggest ideas to excite you! 

wedding shoes

Pearl Trainers

Lots of different sizes of ivory pearls created a unique pattern for this bride to be.  Teal was a feature of her wedding and added in crystals around the eyelets. 

pearl wedding shoes

Wording & Dates

We can add wording, dates, special touches which mean a lot to you and will keep forever as a momento of your special day.

crystal trainers

The shoe, the whole shoe and nothing but the shoe

If you just looooooove crystal .....

We're here for you.

crystal shoes

Customised Trainers

I’ve just collected my daughter’s blinged up Adidas superstars and they look fabulous! She can’t wait to wear them! I’ll definitely be using Nicky again, great service 👍

Joanna G.